Recent Publications

JCX-22-19 (May 20, 2019)
Background Related To Certain Temporary And Disaster Relief Tax Provisions

JCX-21-19 (May 14, 2019)
Disclosure Report For Public Inspection Pursuant To Internal Revenue Code Section 6103(p)(3)(C) For Calendar Year 2018

JCX-20-19 (May 10, 2019)
Present Law And Background Relating To Challenges In The Retirement System

JCX-19-19 (May 08, 2019)
Overview Of The Tax Gap

JCX-18-19 (April 09, 2019)
Estimated Budget Effects Of H.R. 1957, The “Taxpayer First Act Of 2019,” Scheduled For Consideration By The House Of Representatives On April 9, 2019

JCX-17-19 (April 01, 2019)
Estimated Revenue Effects Of Revenue Provisions Of The "Taxpayer First Act Of 2019," Scheduled For Markup By The Committee On Ways And Means On April 2, 2019

JCX-16-19 (April 01, 2019)
Description Of An Amendment In The Nature Of A Substitute To The Provisions Of H.R. 1957, The "Taxpayer First Act of 2019"

JCX-15-19 (April 01, 2019)
Description Of H.R. 1957, The "Taxpayer First Act Of 2019



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